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It does not matter where we came from, or what we have experienced so far. All of us ,at one point or another, might experience upheaval in our lives. We might feel like we lost our path, feel undeserving, alone, or even abandoned by others and the universe. And yet, we are never alone. Our souls and connections to others last across lifetimes and physical distances. At the deepest level we are love. To create positive change, the most important thing we can focus on is our relationship with yourselves. When we love ourselves, we decide that we are deserving of a good life, and make choices that are loving and caring towards us. We can start now to create a new life. By building inner peace and love, we open ourselves to live infinite possibilities. What I have learned, is that we are divinely guided and loved. The universe serves us by matching what we put out. It supports us.  Let me be your guide on your journey.  I offer healing modalities such as crystal healing, reiki and past life regression to help you release stuck energy patterns so you can live more in the now. Through coaching, we can work on creating the change you want, keeping you committed and on track to achieve your relationship, self and life goals.  Our sessions can help you find purpose and meaning in challenging times. Joining one of the retreats or workshops will connect you to like minded people on the same journey as you; all while learning new tools and reminding you of your true potential. So how can I best assist you in living your full and best life?

A word from Carolin

Meditation by the Sea

Guided Past Life Healing + Crystal Bed Session 


After a consultation you are gently guided to glide into a deep state of relaxation enabling you to access subconscious memories of past, present and future lives. This recollection will allow traumas to be released. Enabling you to be more present and happy in the now. Following the session, you will received 20 minutes of crystal light therapy realigning your chakras, rebalancing your energy flows and helping further release any memories stored in your emotional and physical body. *Can be done without the crystal bed for $100*


Past Life/Soul Connection Coaching

Coaching by the hour

One hour consultation session to help you connect with your soul, decipher if a current trauma might be past life based and move you into having more of your energy and joy in the now. This session is also highly useful for those that feel lost or confused as a result of meeting a soul connection or having been triggered by a relationship. We will work on helping you understand and cope with signs of a soul connection and past life traumas and rebalance your energies.  

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Heal Your Life Workshops


When you realize there is an intelligence far greater and brighter that is in charge of this world and is by your side then you can move into the mental space where the totality of possibilities operate.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Session

30 or 60 minute Treatment 

In a 30 or 60 minute session receive healing intelligent life force energy.

$50 - 30 min.
$100 - 1 hour
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Crystal Bed Sessions

30 or 60 minute Treatment 

This crystal bed was brought from Brazil to enable you to connect to the loving healing energies there. You relax on a bed with seven clear quartz crystals suspended above each of your chakra points. These high quality Vogel cut crystals have been specifically cut to work at the molecular level of your body. Light patterns pulsate through each crystal influencing your energy field on the emotional, physical, and mental level. Crystal bed sessions are each unique and serve as a means to connect to healing entities that help you get more clarity, calmness and grounding in your life.

$40 - 30 min.
$75 - 1 hour