Thank you for your interest in well being and resilience in times of crisis. This module was developed with the aid of a CitizenDiplomacy Action Fund Rapid Response Grant from the US Department of State. It is meant to give you knowledge and resources to increase your well-being and ultimately resilience through rocky times. This is a self-study. You will find links, tools, recourses and information to help you make choices that increase your sense of self and well-being, making you stronger to live your purpose and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Well Being in Times of Crisis

In times of uncertainty and physical distance to our friends and family, it might be harder than ever to cope with the
demands of social distancing, remote work, loss of work or loss of sense of purpose. Besides struggling with our own
emotional rollercoasters, many of us are dealing with demands of others such as close family members, colleagues or
friends. Ironically, while we social distance more, we are also forced to spend a lot more time with people in our
households. This can lead to increased stress and conflict. On top of that, we are bombarded with oftentimes conflicting information that is at times based on unfounded claims, not validated by science. This information overload from various sources on social media only exuberates the stress we feel.

These increased stress levels could make it seem like the world is spinning out of control. Simultaneously during the time of social isolation, many of our current stress reducing practices such as connecting with friends, going to work out, going to a bar or going to nature have been taken from us, leaving us even more vulnerable. However, happiness, well being and feeling connected can still be attained. When we are well emotionally, physically and mentally we are more resilient and bounce back faster after disaster.

It is my sincere hope that you will find the information on this site helpful to live a more balanced, happy and fulfilled life even when our outer world seems ever changing and uncertain and we are unsure about our place in it. What I do know is that we are guided and never alone and that it is within us to transform our inner world into one of more peace and calm and purpose.

Many blessings, Carolin

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